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Engineering Company
located in Devon

The client was struggling to attract talented project managers with a mechanical engineering background. They were also keen to bring on an individual at career entry level to grow within the company. They tried searching through their own network and contracted two other recruitment agencies, but no suitable applications were received in over three months.

WestCountry Appointments arranged an initial meeting with the client to really get under the skin of their requirements. Our consultants, which included an industry advisor met with their HR Manager and Operations Director and after in-depth discussions and follow on research, it was identified that the salary on offer was below market value and the client’s rural location was having a negative impact. It was also identified that the graduate role was not being presented with enough merit or opportunity to develop.

Our solutions included: –

  • Change the advertisement to use the rural location as a positive attraction to candidates outside of the area ‘Re-locate to the WestCountry!’
  • Present the graduate role, using language that would engage with someone looking to launch themselves on a long-term career path.
  • Target relevant candidates with the necessary degree qualification’s through our University Channels.
  • Carry out a Social Media campaign focusing on areas within commuting distance.

We were given the go ahead and as a result of following through with our proposals we: -

  • Carefully filtered all incoming CV’s and met with all relevant candidates either in our office or via our own video profiling platform if the candidate was located out of area.
  • Carried out bespoke and role specific video interviews with a set of questions provided by the client (these were tailored differently for career entry graduates, but equally illuminating)
  • Once we had a handful of suitable candidates, we invited them to the area for a site visit and ‘meet the team’ day, where formal interviews were held and a light-hearted lunch was enjoyed.

Results - Two offers were made and accepted, one an Engineer with a mechanical and electronic engineering background; the other to a graduate from Sheffield.

A flexible workforce needs rock solid processes.

Due to seasonal and market trends, our client, a local production company, relies heavily on their flexible workforce. Due to a large national contract coming on board the volume of staff they required had increased significantly. 

Our relationship with this client, and our reputation for best-practice, led to us being asked to work alongside them on streamlining their workforce processes, to achieve a level that would then support their increased production.

With access to their files and processes, we were able to identify and present on how we could improve their system.

We introduced Individual Candidate Packs containing...

  • Temporary candidate check list
  • Temporary candidate passport
  • Temporary candidate photograph
  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of National Insurance Number
  • Aptitude test
  • Food Safety Screening Form
  • Food & Safety Level 2 Certificate (following completion of the course)
  • All current training records

This plan was readily adopted and has now run successfully, with our input and support for over five years.

Results - Following this thorough and informative process, WestCountry Personnel and our Client have been praised by their auditors for their consistency of record keeping and attention to detail. They were particularly impressed at a recent audit, where out of 10 Individual Candidate Packs selected at random, all of them complied above and beyond what was expected.

We are committed to confidentiality and as such cannot disclose client or candidate names of case studies.