Specialisms and Niche Industry Supply


It stands to reason that as professional recruiters..
We can turn our hand to most roles presented to us, however as individuals it makes sense to play to our strengths; strengths that have been born from experience of either working directly in a specific industry sector, or providing a service to it.

Our three niche industry sectors..
Not only meet our own in-house knowledge and experience, they also provide the South West Community with essential commercial growth.

By providing a pathway for industry specific job seekers..
We are a reliable source for employers, we are confident that WestCountry Personnel plays it's part in the on-going development of the region - which makes us very happy, as we love the WestCountry!

Future proofing by working in partnership with an Apprentice and training provider..
Supporting candidates through their own professional development, and promoting career opportunities to enthusiastic individuals who will contribute to the future growth of South West businesses 


Providing the backbone of business development

The People who create commercial opportunities are the backbone of all industries, alongside a support team that cements all processes together.

Whatever the industry sector, we recognise the value of a strong commercial team and how their skills contribute to the success of your business. By taking time to understand your company culture, its products and the demographic of your customer, we are able to enhance your team through careful industry related selection processes.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Helping to build a robust and reliable workforce

The Manufacturing industry is a leading employer across the UK and provides a wide range of work opportunities from production-line workers to highly skilled Mechanical Engineers.

Each operative is a very important cog in the machinery of production and therefore reliability and consistency throughout the workforce is crucial.

We work closely with the client to ensure we are attracting people with the neccesery skills and a demonstrated track record of reliability.


Specialist engineering requiring specialist knowledge

The Photonics & Opto-electronic industries are growing rapidly in the South West and the roles are exceptionally demanding due to the world-wide standard of a highly competitive market.

It is for this reason that we employ an Opto -Electronic engineering advisor to look at each and every role, analysing CV’s and meeting with applicants to ensure accurate placements.

Bob works with our consultants and resourcers providing a talent acquisition service that is unrivalled in the South West.